Link's to original theft scam report.
He blocked me from Facebook, I can't see the posts.
Link to original post:
I sent my email to with correct address. He did not respond for a few days or so. I emailed him 3 or 4 more times after my initial request. This time, I had my investment amount and his deposit address in the subject line. He did respond with a block chain stating that he had sent to the address I requested. The address he sent to was the address in the subject line of the, about 3rd email I sent him. I emailed him back about this, he responded that he sent the coins and that there is nothing that he can do now. But he owns the address that he sent the coins to, so he still has the coins. He never responded to any email after that. I then posted on his Facebook page wondering if he knows what the problem is.
He then makes an un-business man like comment:
My response: